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Wheeliams High Roof Side Mounted Boat Rack - Sherpas Translift

Wheeliams High Roof Side Mounted Boat Rack - Sherpas Translift

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Designed and built in house we have our side mounted boat rack system. 

Having spent many hours hunting for the original Sherpas Translift that Westfalia offered for their high roof vans such as the Volkswagen LT, T4, Florida, Sven Hedin, California, T3 Joker, Atlantic, Mercedes James Cook, we decided it was time to up the game. We started from the ground up to design a product that solves the same problem but is more beautiful and more importantly - still available!

How does it work? The whole frame slides down to allow you to mount the boat or SUP or other cargo. Once strapped up you slide the frame up and it locks into place. 

Built from Stainless Steel and Aluminium section. 

Included is everything that you see in the CAD drawing apart from the boat.. 

The uprights clamp into a gutter and bolt through the factory holes in the fibreglass roof. 

These are made to order with a lead time of up to four weeks.


Think Sherpas Translift but better :)


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