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Relay/Ducato/Boxer/Jumper Tubular Rear Door Spare Wheel Carrier 2006-present

Relay/Ducato/Boxer/Jumper Tubular Rear Door Spare Wheel Carrier 2006-present

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Wheeliams Wheel Carriers are popular with van users who are looking for a beautifully designed Wheel Carrier with great practical features and offering amazing value for money.

Wheeliams Wheel Carriers are carefully designed in CAD to enable us to design a  that not only functions perfectly, but also doesn't weigh more than it needs to. We know that payload is always an issue when building camper vans so we are doing all we can to keep the weight down. Of course there may be products that do weigh less, but you can be assured that when designing structural products like this we use our years of design experience to make the right decisions on your behalf! There is a fine line between lightweight and under engineered.


Citroen Relay 2006 onwards
Citroen Jumper 2006 onwards
Fiat Ducato 2006 onwards
Peugeot Boxer 2006 onwards

These fit all models with double glazed plastic rear windows too. The carrier has been designed to work around these windows. 

Low height roof, Medium height roof and high top roof  (H1, H2 and H3)

Both 5x118 & 5x130 PCD.

Will take a 760mm Diameter tyre such as 245/65/17 All Terrain Tyres and still allow the door to open 120degrees. Larger tyres will limit the opening of the door to nearer 90degrees. 

The key benefits of our Wheel Carriers are:

Fitting the spare wheel at the rear of the vehicle keeps the wheel cleaner than when fitted to the underside and makes access to the wheel safer and easier.

The Wheel Carrier swings out with the opening of the rear door without any additional operations.

Our Wheel Carriers are fully compatible with parking sensors, rear van windows and rear wipers.

No need for you to relocate the vehicle licence plate or the vehicle badge.

You gain additional space under the van to fit gas, fuel or water tanks.

Wheeliams Wheel Carriers can be used for wheels too large to fit in the standard under-van cradle.

Wheel Carrier Details

All Wheel Carriers are hand built and are available on a lead time of 10 working days. Construction is very robust, utilising MIG welded mild steel tube and plate fabricated in house by our skilled personnel.

The Wheel Carriers are carefully designed for each make of vehicle so that they do not obscure number plates or rear lights.

Wheel Carriers are supplied unfinished in bare metal for you to finish as you wish.

Wheels are bolted on to the carrier using standard wheel bolts and we recommend that you use locking wheel nuts (M14x1.5 thread) for extra security. Please note that these are not included with your product.

Wheel Carrier Installation

Fixings required to fit the wheel carrier to the van are supplied.

Wheel Carriers bolt to the existing hinges on the door and require two holes drilling in the skin of the door and one hole drilling through each hinge. This wheel carrier can be fitted to vans with 180degree hinges. 

Always test fit any bolt-on product before painting to be sure it fits. We will not reimburse for painting if the part is not test fitted prior to painting. 

Historically these doors have been very weak around the area that the hinge bolts to. They are common to crack here. By fitting a wheel carrier that braces over the top of the door spanning between the hinges and the door you are actually strengthening this area and therefore making your door less likely to crack in this place. Fitting the wheel carrier stops the hinge from flexing the side of the door which is what causes the stress cracks. 

All drilled holes will require any bare metal painting to prevent corrosion. We also bond the door skin mount and the door skin which removes the point load off the bolts whilst also sealing up the hole to prevent water ingress.  

Following your order confirmation, you will receive an email with fitting instructions for this product. If you would prefer to study these before placing an order - please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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