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Ladder Cargo System - Twin Rail Pack

Ladder Cargo System - Twin Rail Pack

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This starter pack of parts will enable you to mount accessories securely to your WHEELIAMS ladder. This are a retro-fit accessory which have been designed in-house to attach to any rear ladder manufactured by us.

The Rails are attached via our own clamps.

The rails can be attached over a rung that has two vertical side rails. You cannot attach the clamps over rungs in the angled section at the top of the ladder.

The rung you attach to also needs to be clear of the hinge brackets. There is one rung on the right hand TGE ladder that this can not be fitted to for example. If you are unsure please message us.

These mounts are perfect for carrying sand ladders, boxes, bikes, skis, or simply strapping other cargo to. They’re also a perfect base for you to build custom storage solutions from!

They are all made from stainless steel and come in a raw finish. They can be painted or powder coated should you wish.

We currently have more accessories in the pipeline that mesh into this system beautifully, this is just the start or something exciting!

The kit includes:

2 x Accessory Rails. 4 x Ladder Clamps. All stainless steel fixings.

Always test fit any bolt-on product before painting to be sure it fits. We will not reimburse for painting if the part is not test fitted prior to painting.

Fitting guide.

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