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Mercedes T2/Vario 1986-2013 Upper Bonnet Light Mounts

Mercedes T2/Vario 1986-2013 Upper Bonnet Light Mounts

This product is BOLT ON. DRILL FREE.

Ditch lights on a campervan provide several advantages:

Improved Visibility: They enhance visibility, especially in rural or off-road areas where standard headlights may not provide adequate coverage. This can help you see obstacles, wildlife, and other hazards more clearly. 

Wider Light Spread: Ditch lights are typically angled to illuminate the sides of the road or trail, offering a broader spread of light than regular headlights. This helps in spotting dangers or paths that might not be visible with just the main headlights.

Safety: By improving your overall visibility, ditch lights contribute to safer driving conditions, reducing the likelihood of accidents or mishaps in poorly lit areas.

Versatility: They are useful in a variety of scenarios, such as setting up camp in the dark, navigating narrow trails, or even during emergencies when you need extra light around your vehicle.

Aesthetics and Customization: For some, adding ditch lights can enhance the look of their van, providing a rugged and functional aesthetic.

Overall, ditch lights can be a valuable addition to your van, particularly for those who frequently travel in low-light conditions or venture off the beaten path.

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Vehicle Requirements


  • Mercedes T2/Vario 1986-2013


The bracket mounts to the factory bonnet hinge studs. Can be fitted or removed in minutes. Sold as a handed pair. One for left side. One for right side. The bonnet does not need removing to fit these. Simply loosen the fixings - slide the bracket in and retighten.

Always test fit any bolt-on product before painting. We will not reimburse for painting if the part is not test fitted prior to painting.

No lighting included. There are many options available online.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Lasercut and CNC formed components
  • Supplied RAW Stainless Steel

Made in Yorkshire

We are always inspired by the wonderful landscape of Yorkshire and here, on the edge the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the Wheeliams team design and manufacture a great range of innovative Vanlife and Overlanding products.
Using state-of-the-art 3D design software our team carefully develop and test new ideas. These are then manufactured by our skilled in-house production team and, after rigorous quality checks, are shipped all over the world.

Lead Time

This is a product we manufacture and hold stock of. 

Typically we can ship these within 2 working days. If for some reason we have these in manufacture and are out of stock we will let you know an estimated delivery time.

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