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Why do I need a spare wheel carrier for my motorhome or campervan?

A spare wheel carrier provides a convenient and secure way to store a spare tire, ensuring it is easily accessible in case of a flat or damaged tire.

What types of spare wheel carriers are available for motorhomes and campervans?

There are various types including rear-mounted carriers, under-vehicle carriers, bumper-mounted carriers, and swing-out carriers.

How do I choose the right spare wheel carrier for my vehicle?

Consider factors like the size and weight of the spare tire, the design and layout of your motorhome or campervan, ease of access, and compatibility with your vehicle model. Check out our range of options by selecting your van from our Van Selector menu. Don't see your van listed? Get in touch for a quote.

Is it difficult to install a spare wheel carrier on a motorhome or campervan?

Installation difficulty varies by type and model of the carrier. Some can be easily installed with basic tools, while others may require professional installation.

Can I install a spare wheel carrier myself, or do I need professional help?

Wheeliams spare wheel carriers can be installed by someone with basic DIY skills and tools, but for more complex installations, or to ensure safety and proper fitting, professional help might be recommended.

How do I ensure my spare wheel carrier is securely attached?

Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully, use appropriate hardware, and regularly check the carrier and mounting points for signs of wear or loosening.

Will a spare wheel carrier affect the handling or fuel efficiency of my motorhome or campervan?

Adding a spare wheel carrier, especially if it is heavy, can affect vehicle handling and fuel efficiency slightly. It's important to distribute weight properly and ensure the carrier is designed to minimize aerodynamic drag.

Can a spare wheel carrier be used for other storage needs?

Some carriers come with additional storage options or can be adapted to carry other items like jerry cans, bicycles, or other equipment. Check out our Universal Cargo Tray.

Are there specific spare wheel carriers for off-road or heavy-duty use?

Yes, all Wheeliams models are specifically designed for off-road or heavy-duty use, they are built to withstand tougher conditions and heavier loads.

How do I maintain my spare wheel carrier?

Regularly check for rust, wear, and damage. Ensure all bolts and fittings are tight. Lubricate moving parts if applicable, and clean the carrier to prevent dirt and debris buildup.

What should I consider about the spare tire itself when choosing a carrier?

Ensure the carrier fits the size and type of spare tire you have. Also, consider the ease of access for changing the tire, especially if you are traveling alone or in remote areas.

Do spare wheel carriers come with locks or anti-theft features?

Many carriers come with locks or can be fitted with additional security measures to prevent theft of the spare tire.