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Wheeliams - Universal Wheel Mounted Aluminium Cargo Tray

Wheeliams - Universal Wheel Mounted Aluminium Cargo Tray

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Why use a Wheeliams Wheel Mounted Cargo Plate?

Wheeliams Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates are popular with van and expedition vehicle users who are looking for versatile additional cargo storage space that combines rugged style with low weight and great features.

The key benefits of our Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates are:

  • Great load area of 500mm x 270mm
  • Low unit weight of 2Kg (without straps) means that more capacity is available for cargo.
  • A range of hole patterns offer completely flexible strapping and bolting positions.
  • Can be disassembled for flat-pack storage if needed.
  • Fits any size tyre.
  • No permanent fixings to your vehicle or bodywork.
  • Just a really useful place to carry more cargo!
  • Can be mounted on the top or side of the wheel.
  • Multiple units can be connected together.
  • Supplied powder coated black
  • Sold as a single tray. Multiple trays can be joined together.

    Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates Details

All Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates are designed and manufactured by Wheeliams in Yorkshire, England.

The Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates are extremely versatile and will fit most rear mounted spare wheels.

Wheel Mounted Cargo Plates are supplied as a kit in black powder coat finish for the purchaser to assemble.

  • Typical Weight 2kg.
  • Kit includes all fixings and:
    • 50mm black ratchet strap for secure main mounting to the spare tyre
    • 25mm black cam lock strap for secondary security connection to vehicle wheel carrier.

Wheel Mounted Cargo Plate Installation 

(See also attached drawing views)

  1. Assemble the ends onto the centre section of the Plate
  2. Feed the black 50mm wide ratchet strap through the large openings in each side piece.
  3. Place the carrier over the spare wheel so that the top is horizontal across the vehicle and the 50mm strap is central on the width of the tyre.
  4. Wrap the 50mm strap around the wheel and  fully tighten using the ratchet. 
  5. Secure the loose end of the 50mm strap.
  6. Fit the 25mm black security strap by feeding in and out through holes in the rear of the carrier.  Ensure that the strap passes through holes at both ends to provide a balanced restraint.
  7. Feed the 25mm strap through both sides of the vehicle wheel carrier in such a way as to restrain the carrier at both sides.
  8. Tighten the 25mm strap so that it is tight but not pulling on the carrier.  Secure the loose end of the strap.
  9. The tray is now ready to use.


  • The 50mm strap provides the main fixing of the carrier to the tyre and this relies on the tyre being fully inflated and maintained in that condition.
  • The 25mm strap must be fitted to restrain the carrier should the tyre unexpectedly deflate.
  • For extra stability you can fit additional straps laterally through the spare wheel if required.
  • Always check that both straps are secure and that the tyre is fully inflated before the vehicle is used and also check during intermediate stops.
  • Always secure your cargo carefully to the carrier with appropriate straps or fixings. Never use the vehicle with unrestrained cargo in the carrier.

The carrier itself is designed to take up to 30KG however, this load capacity is dependent on the mounting method of your spare wheel. Given the huge variety in cargo mounting options - you are responsible for ensuring your cargo is strapped safely to the carrier, and the carrier is attached safely to the wheel/vehicle.

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