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MAN TGE / Volkswagen Crafter 2018+ MOLLE rear door card storage system

MAN TGE / Volkswagen Crafter 2018+ MOLLE rear door card storage system

Our rear door storage panels will allow you to store more gear just where you need it. As soon as you open the door your favourite essentials will be right at your fingertips!

MOLLE accessories will fix to the MOLLE grid. 6mm bungee cord can be threaded through the holes to secure your cargo. Straps and bungees can be used to secure cargo to the panels. 

Included in the kit:

2 x Aluminium MOLLE door panels

22 spacers to mount the panels spaced off the doorcard. 


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Vehicle Requirements


  • Man TGE 2018 onwards
  • Volkswagen Crafter 2018 onwards

Fits all H1, H2 and H3 vans.


Shaped panels for vehicle rear doors are designed to fit over door cards. If the door cards are not in place then the molle panel profiles may be used as templates to cut new cards. Exisiting door cards are generally held in place with push fit rivets. These should be removed and holes in door cards and door panels opened out to 9mm to allow fitting of m6 rivet nuts (or other diameter to suit the rivet nuts used). Once rivet nuts are installed the molle panels can be attached using m6 setscrews. Rivet nuts are not included in this kit.

This kit includes plastic stand-off spacers but does not include any other fixings. The fixing size and type will depend on the surface that the panel is fixed to.

Use woodscrews for fixing to timber surfaces use m6 setscrews for fixing to other surfaces or existing door panels.


  • Made from laser cut aluminium
  • Powder coated textured black
  • Black nylon standoff spacers

Made in Yorkshire

We are always inspired by the wonderful landscape of Yorkshire and here, on the edge the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the Wheeliams team design and manufacture a great range of innovative Vanlife and Overlanding products.

Using state-of-the-art  3D design software our team carefully develop and test new ideas.  These are then manufactured by our skilled in-house production team and, after rigorous quality checks, are shipped all over the world.

Lead Time

This is a product we manufacture and hold stock of.

Typically we can ship these within 2 working days. If for some reason we have these in manufacture and are out of stock we will let you know an estimated delivery time.

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