MAN TGE Rear Door Strut Opening Kit

MAN TGE Rear Door Strut Opening Kit

Using a gas strut to open the rear door of a van offers several benefits:

1. Ease of Use: Gas struts provide a smooth, controlled opening and closing of the door, making it easier for users to operate without exerting much effort.
2. Safety: The controlled motion reduces the risk of the door slamming shut, which can prevent injuries and damage to the vehicle or accessories.
3. Convenience: Gas struts hold the door open at a fixed position, freeing up both hands for loading and unloading items. This is especially useful when handling bulky or heavy items.
4. Enhanced Accessibility: The strut ensures that the door opens fully and remains open, providing maximum access to the van’s interior.
5. Improved Durability: By absorbing shocks and reducing the impact when opening or closing, gas struts can extend the lifespan of the door’s hinges and latches.
6. Aesthetic and Functional Appeal: Gas struts offer a sleek, modern appearance and can enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the van.
7. Customizable Force: Gas struts come in various strengths, allowing for customization based on the door’s weight and the desired ease of operation.

Overall, gas struts enhance the functionality, safety, and user experience of a van’s rear door, making them a valuable addition to any campervan setup.


Alastair Westle ( over on the MAN TGE/VW Crafter self build Facebook group kindly put this information together so that you can build your own kits! 

“For the Struts/Rams, I spoke with Struts Depot Directly and they said to get the 1200Newton adjustable gas rams and they’d set them to 100Newtons for me, which is what I’m at - and it works well at that.

They are 850mm long with ball sockets on both ends.

Here’s the links:“



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