Wheeliams Hinge-Mod Free Mounting

Wheeliams Hinge-Mod Free Mounting

We are the ONLY manufacturer worldwide that offers our hinge-mod free hinge mounting solution. This applies to Mercedes Sprinter, MAN TGE, Volkswagen Crafter.


Why do we only mount to the hinges?

Structural Integrity: By attaching accessories directly to the hinges, the load is distributed into the vehicle's structure rather than the door itself. This minimizes the risk of damage to the door skin and maintains the door's alignment and functionality.

Load-Bearing Capacity: Hinges are designed to support the weight of the doors and can handle additional loads better than the door skin. This makes them ideal for mounting heavier accessories like spare wheel carriers, ladders, or storage racks.

Durability: Mounting accessories to the hinges reduces wear and tear on the door and its components. It also helps avoid potential issues like warping, sagging, or misalignment over time.

Ease of Access: Accessories mounted on hinges are often more accessible and are  designed to move with the door, allowing for easier access to the rear of the van.

Aesthetic: Properly mounted accessories are more seamlessly integrated into the design of the van, maintaining a clean and functional look.

By distributing the load directly into the hinges, you enhance both the practicality and longevity of your campervan's rear door accessories.


What problems have we overcome?

Before Wheeliams designed this ground breaking hinge mounting method, mounting to the hinges was often not straight forward.


If your van had 270degree Hinges (your doors could open all the way round onto the side of the van) you had two options when considering mounting to the hinges:

1. Modify the mechanism inside the back of the hinge by cutting it out with a grinder.

2. Replacing the door hinges with 180 degree hinges.

Let's break these options down..

1. This option terrifies lots of people. Imagine taking to the back of your van with an angle grinder to remove the tie bar out of the back of the hinge; covering your new van in sparks. 

This process is irreversible. Once the hinge mod has been done in this way you cannot remove your hinge mounted accessories off the door without replacing your hinges for unmodified ones. Without the accessory attached to the hinges, the hinges do not function as intended by the vehicle manufacturer. 

2. This is Costly. Generally the cost of buying replacement hinges and having them painted to match the colour of your van (or just black) is around £250. You then need to remove the door off your van to fit the new hinges and ensure that the door is then aligned correctly. 

How does Wheeliams Hinge-mod free mounting work?

Wheeliams now mounts through the door shut into the back of the hinge. This method is robust and mounts directly to your hinges whether you have 180 degree hinges or 270 degree hinges. Winner!

Your door does NOT need removing to mount to the hinges in this way. You do not need to readjust the alignment of your door after fitting these either. The door's alignment remains undisturbed. 




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