The Surprising Truth About Adria Twin Campervan Spare Wheel! It doesn't exist!

The Surprising Truth About Adria Twin Campervan Spare Wheel! It doesn't exist!


Just bought an Adria Twin only to realise you have no spare wheel in the van?

Don't worry! We have a solution for you HERE

Have you ever wondered why your campervan doesn't come equipped with a spare wheel? Let's delve into the reasons behind this design choice.

Weight Considerations

One of the main reasons campervans often do not have spare wheels is due to weight considerations. Every extra pound added to a vehicle affects its fuel efficiency. Manufacturers strive to keep campervans as lightweight as possible to improve gas mileage and overall performance. Is this a compromise you're willing to make?

Space Constraints

Another factor to consider is the limited space available in a campervan. With the need to accommodate living areas, kitchen facilities, and storage areas, there is simply no room to spare for a bulky spare wheel. Manufacturers prioritize maximizing interior space over carrying a spare wheel. Often the space under the van that used to house the spare wheel is filled with a gas tank or a water tank.

Carrying a spare wheel in your campervan is essential for several important reasons:

Emergency Preparedness: A flat tire can occur at any time, often in remote areas where assistance may be hard to come by. Having a spare wheel ensures you're prepared to handle this common issue, allowing you to continue your journey without significant delays or stress. 

Safety: Changing a flat tire with a spare wheel is generally safer than relying on temporary repairs like sealants or inflators. A spare wheel provides a more reliable solution, ensuring your vehicle remains safe to drive until you can reach a proper repair facility.

Independence: When traveling in a campervan, especially in remote or rural areas, services like roadside assistance may be unavailable or slow to respond. Having a spare wheel gives you the independence to address tire issues on your own, without relying on external help.

 Time and Cost Efficiency: Waiting for roadside assistance or towing services can be time-consuming and costly. With a spare wheel, you can quickly replace a flat tire and get back on the road, saving both time and money.

 Versatility: Modern campervans often travel on a variety of terrains, from highways to off-road trails. The risk of tire damage increases with such diverse travel conditions, making a spare wheel an essential backup for unexpected situations.

 Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a spare wheel on hand provides peace of mind during your travels. It eliminates the worry about what you would do in the event of a flat tire, allowing you to enjoy your journey with confidence.

 Extended Trips: For extended road trips, the likelihood of encountering a tire issue increases simply due to the amount of time spent driving. A spare wheel is particularly important for long journeys where you may be far from repair services for extended periods.


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