• Image of Volkswagen T25 TDI Conversion Turbo Drain Pipe
  • Image of Volkswagen T25 TDI Conversion Turbo Drain Pipe

This drain pipe is suitable for connecting the outlet of your turbo to the sump when installing a TDi at 50degrees.

The hose has a fitting that fits directly into the JX sump or using the adapter sold by brickwerks for converting a CS sump.

Due to the 50degree installation these conversions can suffer from smoke at start up due to oil sitting in the turbo and not draining away sufficiently. This hose has a larger internal diameter than the stock hose to help deal with this issue. The sump connector is also machined to open the internal diameter as large as possible to limit any restriction.

The hose requires you to use the stock turbo Union that came on your engine. The outlet pipe from the turbo is then connected into this hose and lengthened for perfect hose routing.

Supplied ready to fit including a copper washer to seal the sump fitting to the sump, and the highest quality stainless Mikalor clamp to fix the hose to the outlet pipe of your setup.

Just to confirm. The turbo oil outlet off your donor engine needs to be used to fit this pipe. Depending on the shape of your pipe and the orientation of your turbo you might need to reclock your turbo and/or modify this outlet pipe to have optimum oil drainage.

Suitable for conversions including AFN, AHU, 1Z or PD donors or when fitting a larger turbo to your AAZ or JX. The hose can be used with the stock turbo manifold that came with your donor engine. You don't need to change to the JX manifold to run this setup anymore!