• Image of Volkswagen Rear Axle Drop Plates

Our drop plates are CNC machined to ensure perfect fitment and the highest quality of product.

These bolt onto your beam between the beam and stub axle and give you 80mm drop when using any suspension! Combining these with coilovers will give you the ultimate drop while retaining good handling characteristics.

Using these has two main benefits:
1. Your suspension effectively gains 80mm travel (compared to lowering your car by winding the coil over down). This means that the shock is a more optimum position leaving your ride less crashy- and more how the manufacturer intended!

2. When you lower a car with a torsion-swing beam, the wheel naturally begins to swing forward and hug the front edge of the arch. Using these drop plates puts the wheel back to where it's supposed to be - the centre of the arch. This means you can actually lower your car more because the wheel catches the arch later - giving you a bit more space.

3. These space the stub axle out 12mm. Meaning the wheel fills the arch more - eliminating the need for spacers.

Supplied in a kit are:

2 x Drop plates
8 x High tensile bolts and washers